NetHunt CRM integration with Google Calendar works both in the Gmail extension and in the web application.

  1. You can upload files from Google Drive/Shared Drives/Computer. Go to a record and click on the FILES section and on Add files:

2. If you Upload from your computer, the file will be first uploaded to your Drive, creating a path for workspace folder>folder folder>record folder:

This way, all the files you upload from your computer to the record will be kept accordingly.
3. If you upload a file from your Drive first, the file will be depicted on the record but stored in the Drive folder you took it from:

4. If you have linked emails with attachments - NetHunt also can recognize them as files. When you filter your record's timeline to see files only - it will give you files uploaded from your device, Google Drive/Shared Drives and also email with attachments:

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