NetHunt CRM integration with Google Drive works both in the Gmail extension and in the web application.

  1. You can upload files from Google Drive/Shared Drives/Computer. Go to a record and click on the Add new drop-down menu and select FILES to add a file:

2. If you upload from your computer, the file will be first uploaded to your Drive and you can specify the route in your Drive where to save the file (choose one of the folders):

This way, all the files you upload from your computer to the record will be kept accordingly.
3. If you upload a file from your Drive first, the file will be depicted on the record but stored in the Drive folder you took it from:

4. All the attachments linked to the record can be found on a timeline. If you have a lot of timeline interactions you can always use a filter to find the necessary attachment either from your device or Google Drive/Shared Drive.

5. You can also link entire folders in Drive to a record in NetHunt. Be sure to create the folder beforehand and then link it manually from the record.

A linked folder will be saved on a timeline. You can find it later just like any other attachment and if you click on it you will be transferred to your Drive.

6. Multiple files can be added at the same time and in the same way you add files anywhere else.

Open a dialogue box to select the files and choose a couple of them at once to add them to a record.

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