With Create PDF action you can generate documents with data from the CRM. Let's review an example where we generate a payment invoice when the deal turns into "Won" stage:

In PDF builder you can either create a new document from scratch using our document editing options. If you have a prepared HTML template, you can also upload it and make some final touches like editing text, adding Macros, etc.

When adding your HTML template, please be aware that you might need to make some adjustments in the code to make it appear right in our builder and PDF file itself.

Here's an example of an Invoice that you can also download (HTML):

This is a text template and you will need to add your own data, macros feature will be very helpful:

Lastly, most probably you want to add your own logo to this template, to do this you will need to go into HTML code, find the image source (https://i.ibb.co/7Wb1jfg/nethunt-crm-1200px-logo.png), and substitute with your own:

You will need to store your image on your own server or one of the services that allow you to store images. Add image address link to the document:

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