With the API call action, you will be able to integrate NetHunt with almost any software. To make an API call you will need to use Workflows.

Let's imagine we need to pass contact details to Telegram bot whenever we need to notify our team.

To do this:

  1. add a checkbox field that will be used to trigger Workflow and make an API call:

2. then choose the "Make an API call" action:

3. enter API call details, where:

URL - is a webhook taken from the software you wish to send information to

JSON - data to be sent using JavaScript Object Notation data format

MACROS - field values you pick from NetHunt to share with another software

So in our case, once we click the "API call" checkbox on a record, a sweet message gets sent to our Telegram channel, using the following info: Contacts first name, last name, and a company:

Use this guide if you also wish to learn how to create a Telegram bot and send messages to your Telegram channel with NetHunt.

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