Macros are the extracts from your records, field values that can be added to your NetHunt email campaigns and emails in Workflows. They are there for you to compose one email for a group of people, but each of them to get their own, customized email with the data, relevant for them. For example, their name, company they work for, country they are from, any deal amounts and any other information specific for this customer.

Macros in email campaigns

When you compose the campaign, the option to add a macros is in the bottom left corner. Click on it to add a macros and chose field value you would like to insert.

Then select what you would like NetHunt to do if there is no value in the selected field. Two options here - either have a pre-set phrase (for example no Name of the customer - write "customer" instead) or simply skip it and leave an empty space.

When it's done, you have your macros in place and your campaign is ready to be sent out if you have everything else set.

Macros in workflow emails

Macros here work in the same way and by the same logic as in the regular campaigns, but are a bit advanced.

You also select "Add macros" and chose the value you need.

Besides the options we looked at above, here you can also add values from related records. For example, when you are setting up a workflow for your Contacts you can add macros from their related Companies, like this:

You can add as many macros as you need and they can be from different related records.

That's it! Now you know everything about macros and how to use them in NetHunt!

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