When you work with NetHunt automation your triggers and actions may happen to be needed in different folders.

For example a Support Ticket (folder A) was closed and you need to notify your Contact (folder B) about it or you are negotiating regarding a Deal (folder A), but it's the Contact's (folder B) email address that is to receive an order confirmation.

In NetHunt it is possible to send emails to records that are related to each other and insert macros from those related records into the body of your email.

Let's take the last situation as an example and send an email to a Contact related to a certain Deal.

First things first, we need to start the automation with the Starting Trigger. Our trigger is Deal stage change. The moment when your Deal gets moved to a Negotiating stage.

Now that the trigger is set, we need to tell the system what needs to be done after the stage is triggered. And our action will be "send an email".

When we select the recipient of this email, we look for the Contact folder and select it. Now, the system shows us fields from the Contact folder and we go for the Email field. This is where the email of our Contact is and this is the one we want to receive our email.

The recipient is set and now we choose which one of these two folders we want to link the thread to. Let's do both, so that we can see this email when we look at the Deals and Contacts folder.

And now we can also add the name of our Contact, so that everyone receives a nice email with their name in it. We go to Add macros - Contact - First Name.

You can also add any other info from related record if you need to.

And here it is! Our perfect email that will be sent to the related Contact when our Deal with them is moved to the Negotiating Stage.

You can do the same with any related folders. The features of sending an email to a related record and adding a macros from the related records work separately. So you can use them together or go for one or the other when composing your Workflows email.

If you haven't checked out the basics yet, here's some more info on what Workflows in NetHunt is and Sending automated email sequences.

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