Updating all the information in a record that is moving from one stage to another one can be time consuming not to mention the human error that might be in between.

Let's say that you have the following stages in your sales pipeline: New, Meeting, Quoting, Lost and Won. You also have a probability field set with the values: 25%, 50% and 80%. As you move your deals from the New stage towards Won, you would like the probability to move accordingly. This is a task that can easily be automated with the workflow automation.

Go to the workflow automation tool, start a new automation and select Deal Stage Changes as the trigger:

Select the folder where your deals or business opportunities are as well as the field that represent the stage in the sales pipeline. Specify the change that you would like to use as the trigger (in this example when a record moves to "Meeting"). Please make sure to unchecked the box at the bottom "Run once per record" since a certain deal can move back and forth in the sales pipeline:

Following the trigger, add an action to be taken and select the action update a record:

Select the field that represents the probability, the one to be updated. Select the option "Replace with" and the new value right after, in this example since we are changing to the "Meeting" stage, we would like to change the probability to 50%:

Following you can set up a stop action:

Repeat the process for the other stages and probabilities in your sales pipeline and you will be ready to go.

If you have questions or trouble setting up this automation in NetHunt CRM, email us at support@nethunt.com or schedule an assistance call — we'll be happy to help!

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