NetHunt offers built-in reporting that will help you analyze the data contained in your pipelines.

The best way to “see” the data is to visualize it.

How to do it:

  • Build a view with the data you want to analyze (only Groups by views are supported for reporting + you can apply filtering);

  • Create a report based on this view using a diagram you prefer.

No matter what kind of a report you want to get, follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to a relevant folder with records.

  2. Group them by any field.

  3. Apply filters if needed.

  4. Click on Create report button.

  5. Choose a Chart type and hit "Create a report" button.

  6. Go to your report and enjoy the diagram.

Let’s take a look at a small use-case below. Here we took a sample Sales workspace to build a report on the amount of successful deals grouped by Managers:

  1. We go to the Customers folder;

  2. Group records by Manager;

   3. Apply filters (Stage>Won);

   4. Click on Create report button.

   5. Choose a Chart type and hit the "Create a report" button.

This way you get a clear chart depicting the percentage of the Won customers sorted by managers you have in your team!

Congrats! Now you can build any reports you wish and present them during your meetings!

For more advanced reports, use the Data Studio integration.
You can also generate Team performance reports, Sales pipelines reports and set the Team Goals.

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