When in sales, you do need to track how your team is performing.

They can tell you tales, but the data in the CRM won't lie, right?
So let's build your pipeline report together so that you can check it and show it at the sales meetings.

  1. Go to the Reports section and click on the "+" sign next to the PIPELINE section:

2. Now fill in the data you need to track. NetHunt will pre-fill the possible fields for you and you can adjust the settings: choose the folder you want to see the reports from, Stage field, the fields responsible for Won/Lost deals, Deal's value field and the Managers field:

3. Now you see the report created.

4. You can customize your reports by adjusting: users to show, sort by (users, deals won/lost):

5. Also, you can set the periods you want to compare the sales performance by (or not compare - just untick the Compare option then):

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