When you are managing a team, you need to keep track of all the emails, calls, meetings, deals it performs. With NetHunt Reporting you can easily measure the team success.

In the Team Performance reporting, you can track per user: Emails sent, Emails received, Email campaigns, Calendar events, Comments, Call logs, Files.

  1. Go to the Reports section on the left sidebar and create your first report:

  2. Choose a folder you want to see the stats from, certain users (or All of them):

  3. Select the time period you want to compare the activity with (e.g. Previous week/This week):

  4. The first number shows the activity for the first period and the second one - the compared to period (e.g. last week/a week prior to that) along with the % of success (is the activity getting better or worsens):

You can also check out the Average performance of your team and see the total amount of activities.

You can create as many reports as you want (per different periods, users, folders) and save them:

The Team performance reports are available only in the Business and Advanced plans. Please check the subscription at this link.

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