Shared inboxes are convenient when your team needs to see all of the emails and answer them. But do those features really cover everything you need to have in your workspace? And how do you not miss something when everyone does everything and no one can really track what's going on?

With NetHunt you can easily use alias and improve the performance of your team with some advance features of a CRM, that are perfectly integrated into Gmail.

Alias features for teams

Alias is an email group, that allows you to set up a separate email address that can be managed by your main account. When an email is sent to your alias address, it shows up in your main account's Inbox. Anyone who has access to the alias can as well answer from this email address.

NetHunt can easily be used along with alias. You can set up your alias via Gmail and use it along with the main accounts of your team members.

NetHunt features for managing multiple users

1. Access any conversation and see the linked data

With NetHunt, you can not only see the email sent to your alias, but get access to the entire profile of the person who's emailing you, even if the information was input by one of your colleagues. All the future emails from this person can be linked automatically.

2. Answer the emails directly from the records

Sometimes you just need to follow up on that email you sent last week, but it takes ages to find it in your inbox. Of course, as you have all of your own emails and the ones from the shared inbox displayed. In NetHunt, you can find the email thread right on the client's profile and answer, as well as perform some extra actions powered by NetHunt.

3. Set tasks for your team members and check on your team's progress

You can set up the tasks for yourself not to forget anything as well as ask your colleagues for something and then be notified once they complete it. Your tasks can be linked to records or emails, which makes it even more convenient to see what needs to be done and in which record.

4. Check on your team performance

With NetHunt you can see how your team is doing in a simple and transparent way. You can also set up a quick widget based on one of the reports to quickly track the progress right from your dashboard.

5. Track the actions taken by each team member

When you are using a shared inbox it is easy to miss something. Who is answering this email? Which of the team members closed the deal? When was the last follow-up sent? Who's this client and why were they promised a special price? With NetHunt you've got nothing to worry about - your team has a place to put in all of the notes, record the calls and pin the most important info. NetHunt will track your emailing statistics and make it easy to track everyone you're working with right now.

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