Create Tasks

  1. On the Record. Go to the "Tasks" tab and click on the "Add a new task or reminder" button. 

  • name the task

  • select date&time

  • specify the description (not necessary)

  • assign a manager (can be multiple)

  • link a task to a record (can be multiple)

Once saved, the Task will be added to the Record and will show all the related tasks:

2. A second way to add a Task is from a dedicated Tasks folder in the main menu on the left sidebar. If you want to quickly create one, click on the "+" sign next to it without leaving any place in the workspace:

Or click on "+ Task" in the Tasks dashboard:

3. Create Tasks inside emails:


Filter tasks by their due date and make a default view for yourself to always access it as you choose (e.g. Today's tasks):

Filter Tasks by Due date, Priority, Assignee and select users to see their tasks:

To see COMPLETED tasks, click on the "Checkmark" on the top right corner:

Tasks Settings

Also, make sure to check the Tasks section in the Settings (screenshot below). There you can tweak the Reminders according to your preferences, choose to opt-out of Tasks notifications and Daily Digest.

Thus, NetHunt helps you to always see what's coming next, get an overview of your and your team's activities and manage your business effectively!

Task Defaults

You can customize your tasks by adding a default name, date, priority, description and assignee. This will be added with each new task creation:

Filter records by open tasks

To see all the records in the list view by the number of their open tasks:

  1. Open the folder;

  2. In the filter choose the option "Open tasks>has any value">apply (so you can see only records having any tasks assigned to them;

  3. Click on the Sorting button>Open tasks and apply the sorting:

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