In the sales world we tend to set a competition among our sales reps. Why not? This way they will be hungry to show off and wrestle for the commission %.

You can now set the goals on the Pipeline report or Activity reports. Therefore, set the goals to close won deals for your team or the amount of emails, meetings, calls etc to be completed for e.g. a week or a month.

Let's build your Goals dashboard together:

  1. Go to the Dashboard and add a widget>Goals:

2. Now choose the relevant report to track data from (Sales pipeline) and the amount of 5 deals to be closed:

3. I've set up the Goals for the week. You can see how much time is left to close the deals and how many were closed so far:

The first number shows the completed items, where the second one shows the set goal for a week or another period option you choose.

This report is another way to spice up the Sales work for your week. Maybe you can give some perks to your reps if they do even more:)

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