When you create a sales pipeline, you need to make sure you realize how long (on average) it takes you to close the deal or how long it takes you to close a ticket.

Afterwards, you can make adjustments in the sales cycle and make the team work faster and better:)

Build the Time in stage report

  1. Go to the Reports section and click on the "+" sign next to the TIME IN STAGE section:

2. Now fill in the data you need to track:

  • the folder with stages;

  • the field to track (Stage/Status);

  • Time measure (minutes, hours, days, weeks).

3. Now you see the report created.

4. You can customize your reports by adjusting:

  • Stages you want to track (in my example I only want to see the performance in New, Presentation and Negotiating);

  • Users: select the sales/support team that is moving records down the pipeline;

  • Sort by: Stage, Average time, Number of deals moved.

5. Also, you can set the periods you want to compare the performance by (or not compare - just untick the Compare option then):

6. The Stage details will show you: how many records (e.g. deals, tickets) and by who they have been moved from a certain stage.

7. Average time in stage: shows the average time (how long it takes you to move a record from one stage to another). In my example I took Days measurement.

P.S. For tickets you can take Minutes or Hours.

Deals moved from the stage: shows the number of moved deals for the chosen period (in my case it is This year).

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