How do you prevent your emails from going to junk mail?

What Is Spam Filter | How To Stop Spam Emails?

After all, everyone who has been engaged in email distribution for a fairly long time has probably faced this problem. On average, "thanks" to spam filters, about 10-20% of all emails disappear without a trace in the vast cyberspace. And all this is the fault of too zealous spam filters.

You don't even need to be a malicious spammer to get your mail deleted.

Even those companies that send mailings completely legally, with the permission and at the request of the addressee, are attacked with enviable regularity by ambitious spam filters.

Alas, there is no quick and easy solution to the problem. To avoid filters, you need to understand their nature, understand how they work. And this process is very long and meticulous. E-mail programs have a very long list of criteria that filters are guided by in order to recognize a "junk" letter. This list includes primarily "spam" phrases.

These include, for example: "ATTENTION, SALE !!!", "CLICK HERE AND YOU WIN A MILLION DOLLARS!" Having recognized one of these phrases (or very similar to it), the mail robot will recycle the letter. Some criteria give more points, some less. For example, here is a sample of criteria analysis from "Spam Assassin". It is the most popular spam filter in the world.

So, a letter will be placed in spam if it:

✓ mentions winning huge sums of money (0.2 points);

✓ asks why pay more? (1.25 points);

✓ guarantees a refund for anything (2 points);

✓ contains an appeal about some urgent matter (2.9 points);

✓ offers a cheap mortgage or refinancing (3 points);

✓ tells the secret of unprecedented success (2.4 points);

If your message contains an amount of spam above a certain threshold, then it gets deleted. What is the level of a threshold you may ask? Unfortunately, there is no comforting answer. The administrator individually sets the threshold on each server.

The above list of criteria for detecting spam is constantly growing, filters themselves adjust to changes and new tricks of the "spammers". The list is updated every time the user clicks the "This is spam" button in their mailbox, so we hardly advise you to avoid sending spammy letters and follow 21 email marketing practices to improve your email deliverability.

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