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Most of those rules you will find ridiculously logical, though, most of the time some are being ignored. We can't guarantee, but if you follow most of them, your email deliverability will sky-rock:

21 email marketing rules

  1. Don't buy email databases

  2. Don't collect open email addresses from websites

  3. Remove email addresses that regularly receive delivery error messages

  4. Don't write in capital letters

  5. Do not include videos, flash videos, or JavaScript in your email

  6. Do not embed a form in the email

  7. Do not include attachments

  8. Don't use words that spam filters respond to (for ex. "Cash bonus", "Free membership", "Save up to")

  9. Don't use red font

  10. Don't make spelling mistakes

  11. Don't overuse keywords

  12. Images should not be too large or too small l to bypass spam filters

  13. Update and clean up your mailing list

  14. Try to re-engage subscribers who are inactive or occasionally active

  15. Use double opt-in subscriptions to bypass spam filters

  16. Ask subscribers to add your "from email" to the address book

  17. Add an unsubscribe link to your email (gets added automatically at NetHunt)

  18. Don't ignore newsletter unsubscription

  19. Enter a familiar name in the "Sender" field - hopefully, that will be you and your subscribers know you

  20. Keep your emails short

  21. Test emails before sending, including your mobile device

Testing your campaign

There is one service we really want to share with you to ensure your e-blasts have a high chance to reach the recipient's inbox. Feel free to test your campaign with Mail Tester. You simply need to campaign to the email (just follow the link).

Once sent, you'll receive an email score as per screenshot:

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