Google Meet is a conferencing software helping us to show you best features of NetHunt and assist you using it. Here is how it works:

Joining the meeting

  1. To join a video conference you get a link from us, just click it to join the call or go to your Calendar>find our meeting and click on Join with Google Meet;

  2. Before joining the call you'll have a chance to test out your camera and microphone (yes, you'll have a chance to get your glow on as well);

  3. Click "Join now" and you will be on the podium with our CSM reps.

During the meeting

There are a couple of buttons that you might need during the meeting:

1. Mute yourself - to avoid extra sounds

2. Turn on - turn off the camera

3. Raise hand - in case you are not willing to interrupt the speaker but want to drag his attention

4. Present now - possibility to share your screen with others (you can choose to share your Full Screen, A tab, or a window on your PC).

Important: when sharing your screen you will not be able to see other meeting attendants (you will need to come back to the Google Meet tab to see others).

Also, the screen-share does not allow others to control your screen.

Sharing your screen

When clicking on Share screen, click on the window tab showing a preview of your screen. Then the Share button will be active. Click on it.

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