What is round-robin?

It is a simple scheduling principle. Simply saying, it is an automatic lead (records) or tasks distribution among your team members.

Round robin in already existing records (workflow example)

Let's say you have a bunch of records that have no manager/user assigned and you want to change this. You can set up a workflow in which the selected records will be automatically assigned to all the users (managers) one by one.

To make this happen, you can build the following workflow:

  1. In this case the trigger would be the updated "Checkbox" field. To have a number of records updated at once, you can simply use mass update feature.

    Filter out the records that have no user assigned and mass update the checkbox field for them - make this field checked. Once the checkbox field is updated, the system will start assigning managers to the records.

    2. The second step in the workflow is to assign a manager/user field. Choose the field Manager and by clicking on the "Edit type" - choose the option "Replace with one of". Click on the "+" sign and choose all the managers that will be assigned to the records by round robin. You can see the list of three users meaning that EITHER of them will be assigned (not all three).

    3. Simply add the "End workflow" step.

Yay, now your contacts won't be left unattended!

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