Let's say you wish to send a follow-up email to all contacts who enter the "Lead" stage. To do this you need to:

  1. Choose "Field Value changes" as a trigger:

  2. Select the folder, click "Specify change" and choose the specific value:

  3. Once the trigger is added, click "Add action" and choose "Create task" action:

  4. Customize the new task: Give it a name, assignee, due date, priority etc:

  5. When choosing who you wish to assign a task to, you can add your teammates by clicking the plus sign (in this case task will be assigned to everyone):

  6. Or distribute among the team by round-robin algorithm (one by one):

  7. If necessary, choose the "Due date". If you select Set "Today". you can shift it for several days and make the due date in three days (or another option).

  8. Please note, task notification (if you have it set up) will be sent right after the task is created. But you can use "Wait for (time)" helper to delay a task creation:

  9. And here we go, our task automation is ready:

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