"Wait for task completion" helper is a great feature that will allow you to perform certain actions within your workflow right after the task gets completed. Let's review a couple of examples here.

Create a task to send a second follow-up

Let's say we have a workflow where we set a task to send a welcome email to a new contact:

Now let's add a "Wait for task completion helper"

Once the first one is completed we create another task to send a follow-up email. We can change the "Due date" and have the task appear on your agenda in two days. To do this, click "Update another field", choose "Due date", set "Edit type" to "Today", add a checkbox "Shift date" and choose how many days you wish to set the second task.

And there you go, we now have a simple workflow that will save you a bit of time and help you to avoid some routine work.

Change contact stage when the task is done

Of course, there are many ways you can use "Wait for task completion" helper. Let's say have a pipeline within the contacts folder and wish to change the contact stage after you sent a welcome email. We'll use the same workflow structure, but instead of creating another task we use "Update a record" action":

Now after we perform the task, the contact field value "Stage" will change to "Contacting":

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