Email tracking allows you to see if the recipient received your email, viewed it (and how many times he actually opened it), and if he has clicked on the links included in the email. This way you may measure the engagement of your email campaigns and create relevant follow-ups.

What we actually do to provide all this data is insert a tiny image (a tracking pixel) into an email. As soon as the receiver opens the email, their provider makes a request to our server to retrieve this image.

This way we receive some information about the recipient, which we count as a "view". If the provider never request the tracking pixel data, the recipient hasn't opened the email yet.


Go to Settings>Preferences>Email Open/Click tracking and check if they are enabled and tracked by default:


If you want to exclude certain domains from auto-tracking by default, you can indicate those in the following setting:

Sometimes you need this to exclude certain links (e.g. from your signature) to be tracked every time you send out emails.

Composing an email

When you compose an email and all your tracking is enabled in the settings, you will see two icons: open (eye) and link (pointing finger) tracking.

When clicking on the pointing finger icon you will see how many links from your email are tracked. You can also disable some of them manually from tracking right in thios very email.


  1. Having sent an email, you can later track its state. You can see the stats right in your sent box (e.g. if you haven't received the reply yet), the icon will be green active show when an email has been opened last:

2. When opening an email, click on the green tracking icon (with hrs) and you will see:

  • ALL - showing the aggregated stats by LAST EMAIL in a thread open/click tracking;

  • OPENS - only open rate stats;

  • CLICKS - only click rate stats.

You will see the time&date and the exact links that were clicked on (if there are multiple) and from which device (desktop or phone):

Multiple emails in a thread

When you communicate in a thread (sometimes you get dozens of emails in one), you can click on any email and see when THAT one particularly was opened (how many times and when):

As you might notice, the email (last one) has been opened, however the link hasn't been clicked on yet. These stats are related solely to this last email sent.


A desktop client is a separate application on a computer that goes to the servers of connected mailers and allows you to work with them through itself: like Apple Mail program or Mozilla Thunderbird. For them, in tracking we will draw a computer icon. It is for sure opened on the desktop. If you go to Gmail through a browser, then it reads the web version of Gmail and there we cannot define if it was opened in Gmail on a computer or phone. In this case, we draw a double icon. If the user logged in from a mobile phone, from the Gmail application, then we know this and draw a mobile icon.

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