When you finally get to the Settings, you will see a list of your folders, where you can choose each of them to do the following:

  1. Give/edit the name of the folder

  • Choose a folder color

  • Choose a folder icon

  2. Add/edit/re-order/delete folder fields/field groups:

  • add a new field (rename it, set up a default value, add multiple values, etc):

  • add/rename/delete a new group to place fields into:

There is a group named Details with 2 fields (Email, Phone). You can later add more groups and fields into them, drag fields from one group to another.

To learn more about all the available field types in NetHunt check this article.

Please note, that when you open the folder settings right from the email all the changes will be applied to all record fields in the given folder and not to only record only (e.g. Tasks like on the picture below):

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