Folders usually represent a single business process, such as a customer database, tech support cases, contacts, etc. Folders in NetHunt contain records.

How to create folders

  1. To create a folder, go to your workspace dashboard and select “Create new folder”.

You can then decide either give access to this new folder to all users in your workspace or only to those in your user role:

2. As you create a folder, you will be taken to the folder builder to populate your folder with fields.

  • In the fields library you have a full set of field types available in NetHunt. You can add as many fields as you want.
  • And then edit the fields (name, field settings) in the Field options column.

3. You can also customize your folder from wherever you are:

  1. On the left sidebar menu:

2) Workspace dashboard:

3) From inside a folder

Moreover, the Context drop down menu changes along with the place you are in within your workspace.

The “3-dot-Settings” button nomads through your Workspace:



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