A ROLE is a template set of permissions a user has. As soon as a user is assigned a specific role, they get access to certain folders. 

Only the Admin of a particular workspace can create/edit roles. Moreover, one user can be placed in one role only.

Admin role

The admin manages the whole workspace with all folders and users in it, taking care of billing as well. 

There can be several admins in the workspace. To achieve that, the first admin has to grant other users the Admin role and they will automatically get the relevant permissions.

Billing-only role

The Billing role is a specific one designed for users that need to be invited to the workspace to attach the card and check the billing information.

The Billing-only role does not give access to any of the workspace folders and is not included to the team's user number, meaning it is not paid for. More information by this link.

To set up a role:

  1. Go to the Roles settings

  2. Click on "Create new role"

3. Set a role name
4. Choose folders and access permissions and SAVE the settings:

To edit a role:

  1. Choose a role and click on its settings (where you can manage permissions, rename, copy, and delete this role)

  2. Click on "Manage permissions"

  3. Edit role permissions and hit "Save"

REMEMBER: you cannot delete a role assigned to at least 1 user. Make sure to give them a new role and then delete the old one.

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