This integration with Zapier allows you to update or create a row in the spreadsheet.
Meaning: you have a folder full of records and want to back it up.
Here are the steps:

  1. Export the folder data into a spreadsheet so you have the back up file ready.

  2. Connect the folder to this spreadsheet via Zapier that will constantly update it.

I will take the Deals folder as an example in this Zap.

The steps to set up this automation are as follows:

  • Choose NetHunt as a trigger and set it to New or Updated Record (Advanced) and Edit options: Folder>Deals; Field>Stage. Here you can select multiple fields that will be triggered to update/create a row in your spreadsheet:

  • Set an action application: Google Sheets and set the action: Lookup Spreadsheet Value

  • Set up the template: 

Drive: My Google Drive

Spreadsheet: Deals Zapier (this is my sample spreadsheet)
Worksheet: Records
Lookup Column: <Record ID> (this is the value you indicate)
Lookup Value: You take from Step 1>Record ID

  • Add the third step: PATHS

PATH A: You give it the rule: ID>Exists:

  • Then continue to set up an action for path A:

Choose Spreadsheet as an action>Update Spreadsheet Row and set up the template:

PATH B: You give it the rule: ID>Does not exist:

  • Then continue to set up an action for path B:

Choose Spreadsheet as an action>Create Spreadsheet Row and set up the template. Fill out all the fields with new values (that will be created in the spreadsheet row):

This way you will make sure that the updated or created records in NetHunt will be exported into or updated in the connected spreadsheet.

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