NetHunt offers 3 subscription plans: Basic, Business and Advanced.

When you start testing the system, you get a 14-day free trial. It means that for 14 days you can test the system with no feature limitations, adding as many users as you want. Additionally, you receive our full customer support.

When you decide to sign up for 1 of our 3 plans (Basic, Business or Advanced), you need to:

There are two ways how to start with the payment process in NetHunt: 

  1. From your dashboard:

2. From your Billing tab in the Settings:

Both ways lead you to our Pricing Page where you can choose among the plans to upgrade. You can check all the features included in each plan, cost and select either a monthly subscription or annual. 

Having chosen your plan - input your credit card information:

Your card would be instantly verified and you can purchase your plan.

If needed, you can always change your credit card information

Before the purchase, double check everything and pay attention to: 

  • Your plan type;

  • Discount coupon (if any);

  • Total amount. 

Click on a "Place Order" button and wait for the confirmation from our side. 

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