1. I've just installed NetHunt CRM for LinkedIn extension. Why it doesn't show the contacts that are in my NetHunt CRM already?

    Once you start working with NetHunt and activate extension, the system won't automatically connect your CRM database with LinkedIn. To connect your contacts and companies with LinkedIn profile, you will need to link them.
    To do this, click NetHunt icon next to the person's name and choose 'Link to existing record' option.

  2. When I try to add a new contact, I get only 'There are no available folders where you can link records.' message.

    This message means that for some reason you don't have Contacts or Companies folders in your CRM:
     - You might have deleted these folders or renamed them.
     - You might have registered with NetHunt before December 2019 and you folder structure is slightly different.
     - You might have changed the fields structure in these folders.

    Please contact us at support@nethunt.com so that we could help you set up everything correctly.

  3. The contact profiles that I add from LinkedIn are not enriched with all the details.

    NetHunt only collects the information that is available to you as a user. Therefore, to grab more details from LinkedIn profiles, we recommend adding them to your connections in LinkedIn first.

    Here're some other tips:
     - make sure that you haven't removed the fields where profile details are to be added
     - sometimes, people do not fill in all the information on LinkedIn — check if the details you're looking for are in the person't profile.

  4. How can I avoid creating duplicates?

    If a person or a company that you're looking to add is already in your NetHunt CRM, you will see 'Link to existing record' message and the CRM record that the system already found. If the CRM records found by the system is correct, click 'Link to existing record' instead of creating a new contact.

  5. I've tested LinkedIn integration beta version, and after the public launch the records that I've added from LinkedIn to NetHunt got disconnected (NetHunt icons turned to white again).

    This is a known issue related to our change of the main principle according to which LinkedIn profiles are being linked with NetHunt. You can either link them manually from LinkedIn or contact us at support@nethunt.com — we'll help reestablish the connection for these records.

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