What is Google Security Assessment

Back in 2019, Google introduced stronger controls and policies to give Google users the confidence they need to keep their data safe. Later, in October 2018, Google also announced new policies focused on Gmail APIs, which went into effect January 9, 2019.

The policies include:

  • Appropriate Access: Only permitted Application Types may access these APIs.

  • How Data May Not Be Used

  • How Data Must Be Secured

  • Accessing Only Information You Need

All apps accessing the specific Gmail APIs are now required to submit an application for review and security assessment on an annual basis.

Since NetHunt CRM leverages the power of the Gmail API, it is the subject to these measures as well.

We've passed our first security assessment successfully back in 2019, and are now going through this process every year to confirm our compliance.

What does it mean for NetHunt CRM users?

As a result of the above mentioned measures, NetHunt CRM users benefit from the following security features:

  • Users allowing applications to access their email without their regular direct interaction (for example, services that provide reporting or monitoring to users) will be provided with additional warnings and Google will require them to re-consent to access at regular intervals.

  • NetHunt CRM uses the data to provide user-facing features and may not transfer or sell the data for other purposes such as targeting ads, market research, email campaign tracking, and other unrelated purposes.

  • Human review of email data is absolutely prohibited.

  • NetHunt CRM meets required security standards to minimize the risk of data breach.

  • Gmail API access by NetHunt CRM is limited to only the information necessary to implement our application.

About Google Cloud and GDPR

Additionally, as a Google Cloud Partner, NetHunt sides with Google to express its commitment to ensure online safety overall and to establish data security in accordance with GDPR. Since NetHunt joined Google Cloud Technology Partner Program, all the efforts undertaken by Google Cloud result in data security of our users. Here at NetHunt, we monitor closely all the changes brought about by Google Cloud to meet the provisions and make necessary adjustments on our behalf.

We’ve always prioritized our customers’ data security and this regulation only strengthens our commitment to keep the CRM safe.

Read more about GDPR here.

If you have more security related questions, please email us at support@nethunt.com.

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