Collecting information from your customers and leads is crucial to get to know them and the very best way to achieve this is to ask them questions that can be collected and saved in your CRM.

NetHunt allows you to create a customized form that you can publish in your website or send by email, in order to collect information from your customers and prospects. Here is the guide that will walk you through the whole procedure. In this tutorial we focus mainly on the ways to share the webform with your clients: sharing a link or place it on your website.

  1. Having created a form, you can share the form by sending the link to your customers so they can access it and submit it:

2. You can also insert it into your web page as a dialog that pops up after clicking on a certain button:

In this case you need create a button attribute so that the customers can click on it and the form would display, for example "<button onclick="nhform('show', true)">":

3. You can also embed it into your web page and simply place it on a specific page or section:

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