When you have multiple webforms created in workflows, you might have existing clients filling out the new form. In order to not create duplicates upon each submission, you need to establish duplicate prevention rules in your workflows.

How to set up the duplicate prevention rules.

  1. Go to the workflow settings:

2. You have three options:

a) Update existing records with the new data from the newly submitted form. Please note, that we will not overwrite the fields that already contain data. We will only add data to those that were empty prior to the form submission. We will add tags, Referrer URL, Landing URL.

b) Discard duplicate and stop workflow. This will not create any duplicate records and will not update the fields that can be (see point a)).

c) Create anyway. A duplicated record will be created.

Please check this article in order to set up the Duplicate prevention rules in all your folders. By this rules, this setting will detect duplicates.

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