Let's say you are willing to send a personalized email to those who showed interest in one of your products or services. We'll show you a couple of tricks on how to automate this process with our Workflows.

This can be done in several ways and in this article, we'll discuss a couple.

Send a sequence when a new contact is added

  1. Add your product or service via tag (can be checkbox as well) to your Contacts folder, choose "Allow presets" and add yours (not obligatory as you can add new tags as well, while presets will help you to avoid typos when adding new tags)

2. Create a Workflow with a trigger "New contact added"

Add a filter with a tag we created for the Contacts folder:

We should get a workflow like this, where "Yes" would be for those matching interest and "No" for those that don't:

Now you can start an email sequence. For more info please refer to an article:

How to nurture new leads with automated email sequences

You can also update contacts status or stage within the pipeline whether an email was sent or replied. You can even create a pipeline within Contacts folder. You can find how in the following article:

Adding a pipeline within Contacts/Companies folder

Send a sequence when contact is updated

Let's say you found out that your contact is also interested in Macbook. Then we can copy the workflow we created and simply change the trigger type from "New contact added" to "Field value changes":

Go to a new workflow (copy of the one you created), delete a trigger and add a new one.

Add the following trigger. Ensure that Checkboxes "Specify change" and "Run once per record" are unchecked, otherwise system won't react to new updates.

You would need to repeat all stages if you wish the workflow to be the same as for "New contact is added". The system will highlight those in red:

Once you create two workflows, you can now send automatic email sequences on your new and existing contacts' interests, just add a new tag and the workflow will start.

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