NetHunt Workflows is a great feature that helps automate big and little things in your every day routine. But sometimes, things can just go wrong...

Forgot to add an address of your email recipient? Ran out of automations?

Deleted an important field or an employee in charge is no longer in your workspace?

Fear no more! In this article we'll learn how to get less pain and more productivity while working with Workflows. Let's see what you can do to restart the failed automation runs quickly and easily.

So here is our Workflow. You can see all your steps and the number of records in each step right in the middle of the screen. Easy!

To the right there's the Overview and History Tabs we'll mostly be looking at today.

They are there to help you oversee everything happening in the Workflow and decide what we should do with the unsuccessful parts of it.

Retrying by Run

Right on the Overview Tab opened by default you can already see how many records Failed to go through a certain step and of automation and either Retry or Cancel all of them.

If you know what the problem with those was and have now fixed it - just click on the Retry icon from here and NetHunt will run those records through a specific step one more time.

Please note, the records will not go through the entire automation at this point, Workflow will simply retry the current step it should be going through. For example, in this automation we have, if Email 1 was sent, but the issue occurred with sending Email 2, it is Email 2 only NetHunt will retry.

If you are not sure what happened to one or multiple records that Failed - you can check on the issues with each of them by clicking on the History Tab to the right.

Here you will see all of the Workflows activity by Date and with the Status on each run.

Just click on the Failed one you need and you will see all the info about it including the reason for the run to be failed.

Now, all we need left is to fix the problem already identified by your NetHunt Workflow and click on Retry Run to retry this specific one.

Retrying by Step

You can also retry your Failed runs by the Step they failed in. To do so, click on the needed step.

Here's your aggregated history of all the runs in this step including the Failed ones. Just like in the previous option you can Retry or Cancel all of them at once, but this time, the Failed runs in this Step only.

And for retrying specific runs - click on Retry icon next to the needed one.

That's it! Now you know how to Retry your Failed runs in Workflows and get the best out of this amazing NetHunt feature :)

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