If you decide to rename your field values, simply follow this guide.

Let's take a look at the use-case when the main aim is to edit the “Stages” of your Sales pipeline.

  1. First, open a folder with your Customers and hit the "Settings" button in the context menu.

   2. Now click on the “Stage” field and start editing its values. You can rename them or change their order by dragging the required field.

Also, after renaming the value in the "Stage" field, be aware that the ones you rename will remain the same and the newly created ones will be added as extra.

Here is an example:

You want to rename two fields: "Presentation" and "Negotiating" into "Demo" and "Contacted" respectively.

  1. Group your records Stage and you’ll be taken to a card view.

"Presentation" and "Negotiating" remain in the card view when you group all your records by Stage, whereas the newly created "Demo" and "Contacted" are blank.

   2. In order to migrate the records from the "Presentation" and "Negotiating" stages into "Demo" and "Contacted", simply drag them. The old values will then disappear.

Congrats! You have successfully edited the field values.

You can also use the Mass update feature instead of drag-n-dropping.

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