If you use Google forms on your website or simply send them to your customers via email, you might use Zapier in such scenario:

When a lead submits a form, Zapier will look for a user in your NetHunt workspace to see if it is an existent contact.

  • If it finds the contact, this record will be updated with the new data submitted in the form. 

  • If a contact is not found, it will create a new record in a given by you folder.

To integrate Zapier into your NetHunt workspace, follow these steps:

  1. Your Google Form must have an Excel Spreadsheet to collect answers.

  2. You go to your Zapier account and create a new Zap.

  3. Set a spreadsheet as a TRIGGER application (Zapier will trigger all the new answers, not a form):

4. Set a trigger to: New or Updated Spreadsheet Row:

5. Connect your NetHunt account.

6. Edit options: choose a spreadsheet with a response, the specific worksheet and a trigger column (if needed).

7. Test the step.

8. Now add an action: NetHunt app.

9. Action: Create or update record.

10. Connect your NetHunt account.

11. Edit template: choose the folder you want to connect to the spreadsheet and a Match field which Zapier when looking for the existing records in your system. We chose the email field. If Zapier finds the same email address in one of the records, it will update the existing one. If there is no match, a new record will be created:

12. Then map the fields from your form with the NetHunt record fields. When a record is created/updated, the fields you chose will transfer the data from a form to a record:

13. Press Continue, then Finish.

14. Enable your Zap.

Remember to check the test run sent to your CRM and make sure that everything went smoothly.

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