NetHunt stores your data for the DR (disaster recovery) purposes. This option is quite expensive and is applied in emergency cases.

Why do I need to backup my data

There are different situations when users might accidentally delete a certain amount of data. In this case, we strongly recommend you to make back-ups so the roll-back can be performed anytime.

In order to prevent these accidents, the workspace admins need to make sure that the user roles permissions include/exclude the right to delete data from the workspace.

How to backup your data

There are a few options you may consider:

  1. Export all the data from folders into a csv/spreadsheet files once in a while (once a day/week/month).
  2. If you need a continuous backup (real time), you can establish Zapier integration with NetHunt and export the newly created and updated records into a software you would like to store the backup data (Spreadsheets as an option).

Here is the tutorial on how to set up your ZAP.

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