Templates allow you to save repetitive emails for further use and share with your team!

Create templates

  1. You can create templates right from the email draft:

Save templates

When saving templates from a draft email, choose the permissions:

  1. Personal (visible only to you)
  2. Shared (available for other workspace users)

2. In the Settings>Email templates:

3. When creating email templates right in the settings, a template will be saved in the tab you create it: Personal or Shared:

Edit templates

In the template settings you can:

  • preview a template
  • rename a template
  • copy it
  • delete

You can also modify template's text using the available editing options:

Share a personal template

In order to share a personal template, you need to first Copy it and choose the permissions Shared:

Templates in the email campaigns

In the email campaigns you can also insert one of the available templates:

Search for templates

If you have a lot of templates and need to quickly find the perfect one - just start typing the name of the one you have in mind and NetHunt will find it. You can search for templates while composing a separate email or an email campaign.

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