Mailchimp is one of the biggest and most recognizable email marketing tools. It's not a secret that crafting a content inside of it is facile and very handy. This is why we have added Mailchimp template support into NetHunt. Now you can insert your best-selling or most attractive templates and dispatch them to your audience painlessly.

Where to start?

After you create a template inside Mailchimp, export it from your account as HTML file.

Then open a file with any text editing application (WordPad, TextEdit, Notepad, etc.) and copy the content.

What's next?

Now go to your Email templates tab in NetHunt Settings, select where you would like to save it, under Personal or Shared templates section, click on "+New Template" and switch to HTML to insert.

Almost done: add your code into constructor, provide it with a subject and name, and save everything.

Is that it? 

That's it, yes. Good job, you are ready to send out your template! Remember, you can use saved templates in NetHunt for a single email as well as for email campaigns

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