Having imported data from another source or created a field of a certain type - you can change it in the field settings.

Not all of the field formats can be altered. You can change the following types:

  1. Single-line: you can change this field into any type available in NetHunt:

If there is data already filled out in the fields and it is number, date etc (in text) you can definitely change it.

However, there is the case you have different data filled out in the text field (both number and text).
This way, the field will be converted, showing number of records that are incompatible with the new format. You can later update the fields manually:

Provided the data in the text field does not match with the new format you are trying to convert to (e.g. from (both) text and number into date), the format won't be changed:

2. Number: you can change this field into:

Date, Percent, Currency, Single-line, Multiline:

When you change the field type and there are some fields that were incompatible, the system will show you which ones need to be updated:

Show mismatch data - will give you the list of records with the fields that couldn't be converted properly (text into number).
You will see the Original value and insert the correct data in these record fields:

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