Some times you need to follow up on you customers or prospects few days after you touch base with them, but not always.

Let's imagine that as a part of your business process you schedule virtual meetings with your prospects, you would like to remind them before the meeting and you have a date filed in the folder called "Virtual meeting". So the wait for date is the perfect solution here.

1) Select the wait for date helper in the helpers section:

2) You can select the field in the folder that contains the date information, in the case "Virtual meeting", the time where you would like the email to be delivered and you can select the give date as a reference in case you would like for example to send the email some days before or after the indicated date in the field, in this case we'll send a reminder email 1 day before the meeting. Additionally, if you would like your email to be delivered only during working days, you could do so by ticking the checkbox "Only continue on weekdays":

3) If you prefer, you could simply indicate a custom date when you would like your email to be delivered:

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