Let's say you want to manually start a workflow whenever you wish. To do this you can simply add a couple of checkbox fields to your folder and use them to manage your workflow.

Adding a Checkbox trigger

Go to the folder settings:

Click "Add field":

Choose "Checkbox":

Give it the name "Start Workflow":

Click "Add" and go to Workflows and create a new one with a "Field Value changes":

Choose the right folder and the field you just added:

Now, whenever you go to record and click "Start workflow" it will get triggered. Let's jump to the real example of how you can apply this to send a drip campaign.

If you keep the option "Run once per record" on (ticked), it means this checkbox will trigger and run the automation only once. If you want it to trigger this automation every time you tick it (after you untick it) - do not activate it.

Sending email sequences to contacts based on their interests

Let's say you have several products and your clients can show interest in several. We can send them automatic emails based on the products they chose. In this example, we will also review how the email sequence can be stopped.

You would need checkboxes to trigger workflows for each product:

And several workflows:

Now you can adjust each of the email campaigns depending on the product:

Finishing up your email sequence

Let's say you wish to stop your workflow manually, then you can create another checkbox field "Finish workflow" (if you are planning to use only one workflow), or you can create a dropdown field to manage each of the workflows. Here is an example:

Add dropdown field to the folder:

Mention those products/services that were used to trigger workflows and save:

In the workflow, use a Split Path helper:

In Branch A you'll define the email sequence you are willing to send, in Branch B you select what should be done to stop it. Click Add Action and use "Wait for update" helper:

Choose the field you've created to stop workflow and the product/service you wish to stop the workflow for:

Once selected, add "End workflow" helper. Now, your workflow will end only for one of your products, while others will be running.

Certainly, you can add another branch where you select to stop all of the workflows for a contact (another checkbox "Stop workflow" needs to be created and added to other workflows):

Finally, you can also use an email reply to stop workflow. It is very well explained in this article, the end result may look like this, where you simply add a "Wait for email helper".

We also advise you to update contact fields based on workflow performance, you can check out this article for more info.

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