As you already know, you can access NetHunt in your Gmail by installing an extension. If you want to use NetHunt on your mobile phone, we have an app for both, Android and iOS.

And apart from it, we've added an option to install NetHunt add-on, which gives you an option to use NetHunt in the native Gmail app on your phone.

Here is the link to install this add-on on your desktop and mobile phone at once.

How it works

The add-on is a link between NetHunt mobile application and the Gmail app on mobile devices.
After installing the add-on in Gmail, the user can open any email in the official Gmail app on a mobile phone and perform the following actions:

  • See all available records linked to the email.

  • See all available tasks linked to the email.

  • Create and link an email to the suggested new Contacts and Companies. Nothing can be changed/edited when creating a new record. This is just a "quick save" and linking is needed in order to work with new records in the CRM on the desktop or through a mobile application. (IMPORTANT: when creating new records through Gmail, we cannot grab photos).

  • Link the email to existing records (from suggested or find using Search).

  • Create new tasks for emails, (there's a limited set of options available for the due date).

  • View and complete linked tasks. Edit them through the redirect to NetHunt application.

  • View the records through the immediate redirect to the application. There are no previews or other Quick actions.

All these is also available on the desktop. The only difference is that on the desktop, the add-on shows a list of tasks for today, when no email is opened.
On the desktop, our extension still remains a priority and more functional way to work with NetHunt in Gmail.

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