Would you like your iPhone to identify the NetHunt contact based on the phone number as per screenshot below? Then this guide is for you.

Step 1: Make sure you have caller ID enabled on your NetHunt app

First of all, you certainly need to have the NetHunt app on your phone. Please go to settings and make sure call identification is ON:

Step 2: Allow NetHunt to access your Contacts

Go to Settings, locate NetHunt app, and turn the "Allow NetHunt to access Contacts" setting on:

Step 3: Use NetHunt as a Caller ID identification app

On your iPhone go to Settings - Phone - Call Blocking & Identification:

Turn it on for NetHunt:

Step 4: Restart your phone

And this is it! Hope you enjoy this feature!

Please note!

You need to enter the phone numbers ONLY in this form:


If you input a number like this: +38 (063) 448-33-21 - it will not identify the caller's record name.

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