Last Interaction Date field tracks your comments, call logs, calendar events, files and emails, either sent or received. Every type of such interaction will be saved in the field. 

NOTE: Last Interaction field does not track changes in other fields in the record.

How to set up this field? 

Go to your Settings and find Folder and Field Management Tab. Select the relevant folder and click Add Field

Pick Statistics > Last Interaction Date:

By default, Last Interaction Date field tracks everything that lands on your Timeline. You can remove certain check-boxes if necessary. 

How to use this field? 

  1.  Use Last Interaction Date field to check what records have not been updated for a certain period of time (1 day, 3 days, 1 week, a month, etc.).

   2. Use Last Interaction Date field to check last time your customers received an email.

Build up your own views to follow-up records in various situations as there are lots of cases where this field is applicable. 

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