The idea behind this account setup is to create several folders to track your pipelines on Buyer and Seller sides, as well as Deals setup to manage your business performance.


Keep all your contacts in the Contacts folder. You can certainly add labels to your contacts and build views based on the contact type.


In this folder, you can keep company information such as industry, size etc. When you're adding a new contact, you can link it to the company and vice versa:

Adding a company when adding a contact:

Adding a contact to a company:


In this folder, we'll manage seller leads and their way within the pipeline. Here is how to crate and customize Sellers folder.

Make a copy of a Deals folder:

Go to folder settings:

Click on Folder and customize it (name, color, icon) and click Continue:

Customize fields according to your business. In Stage you can set up your pipeline by renaming existing ones and adding new ones by clicking Add preset:

In case you need to add another contact person (for example referral), you can add another field that represents respective Contacts.

Check out our field types and add as many as you wish to effectively manage your business.

Now each time you receive a seller lead you will fill out this record:

You can save a pipeline view to track your Sellers:


Creation of Buyers folder will be the same as the sellers one (which you can copy and customize for Buyers):

We suggest you the following field types for Buyers folder, certainly, you can add your own, as many as you wish:

Buyer Status can be as follows:

After you customized your Buyers folder you can create a pipeline view by status, as well as based on other criteria:


Finally, in Deals folder you will be closing sales between buyers and sellers. We suggest you keep the Deals folder and personalize it accordingly. Here are the fields we suggest you add as well:

You can add a link to financial statements, add your commission (even calculate it automatically using formula field). In case there are several Brokers using the account, you can add a User field for Buyside and Sellside Broker accordingly.

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