If you'd like to experience NetHunt CRM in its full, you need to grant it permission to your Google accounts. This is necessary to provide you with all possible features and integrations in the system.

Basic profile data. The system has to view such data as email address, full name of the user, and their profile picture to upload this information to your team's workspace. This way you will be able to see who of your teammates is responsible for particular deals, assign them different roles, and manage permissions

Emails. NetHunt needs access to view and manage your emails metadata in order to improve your experience with the system. All primary features of NetHunt CRM are connected with email management.

Calendars. NetHunt is integrated with some of the G Suite apps, including Google Calendars. Thus, it needs a permission to view and manage your calendar to integrate this feature into the CRM, allow you to create new events right from your deal records, etc.

Google Drive files. This is another integration with G Suite apps, which allows you to attach files to your records (through drag and drop). Meanwhile, these files are automatically uploaded to your Google Drive in the related folder. For that reason, the system needs access to file's metadata (type, name, etc.).

You can check the permissions in the Settings > Account management from where you'd be able to allow NetHunt to view your email messages and settings, manage drafts and send e-mails and see and download your contacts.

View your email messages and settings

  • Automatic linking of incoming and outgoing emails to records;

  • Manual creation of new records based on emails;

  • Manual linking of e-mails to records;

  • Link emails to Tasks.

Manage drafts and send emails

  • Sending emails campaigns via Gmail;

  • Sending test emails in email campaigns.

See and download your contacts

  • Google contacts sync;

  • Quick suggestion of people from your contacts.

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